We are a Centre that produces individualized tools to inform health decisions and planning for specific health concerns. Our team includes researchers, clinicians, and medical and graduate trainees at all levels. We use linked de-identified individual-level health data to generate evidence and tools. We aim to use advanced analytical techniques in an open science approach that endorses participation in research to generate products that improve health.

How we do it:

Researchers work with partners including patients, families and clinicians to analyze Big Data collected in health care. From this data, we use statistical and epidemiological techniques to generate evidence on how a person’s characteristics and health decisions affects their future outcomes.

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Our impact:

We inform people to make health decisions based on who they are and what that means to their future health outcomes. For example, a person diagnosed with a health condition like dementia, heart disease or COPD may have questions about what will happen to them, including how long they have to live and whether and when they’ll need additional supports in their home or in a nursing home. We strive to provide this information, customized to the profile of each individual.

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