Dementia Tool

Do you or a family member have a recent diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease or dementia? Would you like to know how a diagnosis of dementia could affect how long you may live?

This calculator was designed for individuals with dementia living in the community. It predicts how long individuals may live and provides information that helps determine their care needs.

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Disclaimer: This calculator uses information from people similar to you, and does not predict the future of any individual.

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5-Year Mortality


People with the same responses as you lived for {{median_mortality_time}} after diagnosis or lived {{median_mortality_human_time}}.

25% of people survived for {{75_mortality_survival_time}} after diagnosis.

Chance of entering a Nursing Home

People with the same responses as you moved to a long-term care home {{median_institute_time}} after diagnosis or {{median_institute_human_time}}.

25% of people remained in the community for {{75_institute_survival_time}} after diagnosis.