Peter Tanuseputro

Director, Centre for Individualized Health

Dr. Peter Tanuseputro is a public health and preventive medicine physician, a family physician, and an Assistant Professor at the University of Ottawa Department of Medicine. He continues to practice family medicine at a family health clinic and through home visits, alongside his program of research on end-of-life care. He is involved in several provincial and national expert panels aimed at improving care for the aging. Peter is passionate about ensuring that people receive good quality, informed and compassionate care as they age.

Amy Hsu

Chair of Dementia Research

Dr. Amy Hsu is Chair of Dementia Research and an Investigator at the Bruyère Research Institute. Amy has experience in modelling and analysis at Health Canada and completed her Postdoctoral Research Fellowship at the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute. Amy is passionate about using data across regions and integrating new sources for a more unified platform. She enables tool development using multifaceted analyses to draw comprehensive conclusions from the data.


Web Developer

Research Coordinator

Research Assistant and MSc Candidate