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As featured in JAMA Network Open.

PROVIEW is an online tool that predicts survival at different points across the cancer journey. It is designed for patients with cancer and their families, using information that they would know. Its goal is to help patients and families be more proactive, by previewing the future. Use PROVIEW to help inform decision-making with your provider team.

Be PROactive. PreVIEW the future.

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Disclaimer: This calculator uses information from people similar to you, and does not predict the future of any individual.

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PROVIEW was developed by Dr. Hsien Seow and colleagues.

Proview predicts

Based on the information you provided:

Please move the slider above to the right for a prediction.
Your probability of surviving to {{time_from_today}} from today is {{survival_percentage}}%

In other words, for 100 people with the same responses {{icon_graph_survival_percentage}} will still be alive at {{time_from_today}} from now.

In the next 6 months, the probability that...:
...the patient will be bedbound most of the time is: {{func_stat_prob}}
...the patient will have severe pain (7+/10): {{pain_prob}}
...the patient will have severe breathlessness (7+/10): {{dyspnea_prob}}
...the patient will have moderate to severe depression: {{depression_prob}}
...the patient will self-report a poor sense of well-being: {{well_being_prob}}

How PROVIEW was created:

We used big data to create the PROVIEW statistical model. We followed the journeys of over 250,000 cancer patients with different cancer types and stages from Ontario, Canada. Using their health care data over time, we developed and validated the survival calculator. The model was featured in JAMA Network Open. PROVIEW was generously supported by grants from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research.