To be a leading research Center of Excellence for Individualized Health that empowers individuals to take charge of their health decisions and well-being through the development of personalized tools using research and ‘big’ data.


We believe that every person should feel confident and capable when making important health decisions. Through research and data, we hope to improve the lives of aging and vulnerable populations by equipping them with the resources and tools necessary to take control of their health.



Design for People: We will focus primarily on aging and vulnerable populations, aligning with the focus of the Bruyère Research Institute and our partners. We aim to focus our research on improving healthcare for older adults.


Use Big Data: We will use a Data Science approach: collaborating with scientists and knowledge users across disciplines (e.g., epidemiology, statistics, information science, computer science, etc.) to extract knowledge and tools from Big Data in the health sector and beyond. We encourage the integration of new data sources and open-access research to broaden the scope of health research with large datasets.


Create Change: In addition to traditional research metrics (e.g., publications and grants), we emphasize efforts on population reach – patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, policy makers – through translatable knowledge that can be used to improve health. Through keeping the target population focused, we aim to have an impact across healthcare planning, practice, and use.